Who We Are

About Us

Westminster is an open-spirited, affirming, child-friendly congregation.

Worship services are held each Sunday morning throughout the year, starting at 10:30 a.m. Special services are also held on Ash Wednesday (evening), Good Friday (morning), and Christmas Eve (early evening and late evening). Communion is celebrated several times during the year.

Westminster United Church officially came into being on November 18, 1990. For a number of years, services were held in the gymnasium at Mary Johnston Public School. We took possession of our current building in June, 1996, and officially opened it to the public on September 5, 1996.

We share the building with Temple Shalom, a Jewish congregation, in a relationship that is relatively unique in Canada, but one that has worked well for both congregations.  

Westminster is open, accepting, affirming, challenging, and stimulating. We seek a life in which love and justice figure prominently. We try to reach out to those who share our vision of the world as a place of peace and hope. We seek to live lives that honour and serve our God. 


Worship services at Westminster United Church take place in the Sanctuary each Sunday at 10:30am. Our worship begins with everyone, and then, after a time with the children, often with the Minister, they move off to their Church school classes. For the very young, Westminster United Church provides a nursery.
Our current minister, the Reverend Mary Savage, provides a variety of worship experiences for all ages and stages of the spiritual journey. Music is an important part of our worship time, and we are currently enjoying the new and dynamic addition of a grand piano in our sanctuary.

We invite you to become a part of our varied life as a congregation as we seek to serve the God who calls us to life that is vibrant and filled with the good hope of peace and love, the greatest of all gifts.

Mission Statement

To establish and develop a Church organization to be known as Westminster United Church of Waterloo, for the purpose of worshipping God, to grow and develop in knowledge and understanding of God's work and purpose in the world.
To create an environment of openness for all people. To affirm that all who seek to live faithfully regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or social circumstances are welcome to full participation in the life of the congregation. 

To foster full opportunity for full participation by all in the wider church.

To develop and promote meaningful Christian Education programs for the children and youth of the congregation, to develop and nurture a fuller understanding of God and the principles of faith of the United Church of Canada.

To present all programs in such a manner as to elicit enthusiastic participation by this most important segment of the congregation.

To carry out God's ministry of love and caring within the immediate Westminster community where congregational members live and work, including global outreach in a world where God's people can benefit from Christian love and support.

To act as disciples of Christ and to follow the Christian teachings of the church.

To strengthen our Christian faith through increased knowledge of God, learned through participation in worship services and other church activities.

This version celebrated September 1999

Our Vision

Living for a Community of Service

Westminster United Church is sustained through the Grace of God and the commitment of our people. By these principles we choose to live:
We embrace growth and the changing needs within our congregation and community in spirit, meaning, outreach, and fellowship.

We embrace the Spirit of a uniting church through living our faith in Jesus Christ.

We embrace the care of God's Creation.

We embrace the dignity of each individual.

We embrace our vision of creating an environment that enables us to live our principles as the people of God in each day.