posted Oct 17, 2018, 11:00 AM by Westminster United Church

The United Church of Canada has just launched a new emergency appeal in response to the tragic situations unfolding in Asia-Pacific regions. Japan, China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines have all sustained major damage as massive typhoons swept across their countries this fall. And there is strong possibility of more to come. In addition, Indonesia experienced two significant earthquakes that cost thousands of lives, many lost in the tsunami that followed the latest earthquake. These disasters also destroyed vital transportation and communication links making emergency response challenging.

In the midst of this, United Church Mission & Service partner ACT Alliance, working with other partners in the region, is responding to these devastating events with medical teams to treat the injured, damage assessment teams, food, shelter, and agricultural support to replant crops. They are concentrating their resources to reach the most remote and underserviced communities. United Church donations will support this critical work.  Please include the people of the Asia Pacific Region in your prayers as they face the long and difficult journey from emergency response to reconstruction and recovery. Please go to: https://www.united-church.ca/typhoons-earthquakes-and-tsunami-asia-pacific-region to read more and/or to donate.